Khokana - Typical Newari Village

Takhaa Chhen Nhyobu Tole Tajha Tole Gabu Tole Thalachhi Tole Nanicha Tole Nayala Tole

Kutupukhu Tole Degaliune Tole Nayajho Tole Dokhasi Tole Sano Khokana


  • Focus on social and economic problem in grass root level people.
  • Give information about the social problems to the professional and persons of different Organizations and private sectors.
  • Run advocacy in emerging national issues on the social development sector.
  • Ensure the health, education and protection of human rights of children, women and other vulnerable groups
  • Help the villagers on agriculture development trainings.
  • Raise the living standard by youth involvement & women empowerment.
  • Help the villagers in urgency (Landslide, Earthquake, Fire etc).

Temporary Shelter

  • Dear all,
    if you are interested to support us. We hearty request you for following
  • ZINC (Jasta Pata)
  • Bamboo (Bansa)
  • Quality Tent (For Long time)
  • Pure Drinking Water
  • Cleaning & Sanitation


  • Fund raising for earthquake victims.
  • Providing blankets and tents for earthquake victims
  • Coordinating with NGOs and Donors directly with earthquake victims
  • Helping the hospitalized earthquake victims

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  • Gangalal Dangol
    Social Worker
    Karyabinayak Municipality
    Cell: +977 9841409777
  • Ramesh Kumar Maharjan
    Teacher & Social Worker
    Jitapur Saving & Credit Cooperative Ltd. & Shree Rudrayanee Secondary School
    Cell: +977 9841420370
  • Narendra Dangol
    Social Worker
    Loo Niva Child Concern Group
    Cell: +977 9841307574
  • Bekha Dangol
    Teacher & Social Worker
    Loo Niva Child Concern Group
    Cell: +977
  • Buddhi Dangol
    Service & Social Worker
    Loo Niva Child Concern Group & National Child Protection Alliance
    Cell: +977 9841568288
  • Sharan Gopal Dangol
    Entrepreneur & Social Worker
    Lidhamsa Pasa Pucha
    Cell: +977 9841410400
  • Sant Ram Dangol
    Social Worker
    Loo Niva Child Concern Group & Yogdan Upbhkta Cooperative Ltd.
    Cell: +977 9841307796
  • Laxmi Prasad Dangol
    Teacher & Social Worker
    Lidhansa Pasa Pucha & Om Sangeet Pathshala
    Cell: +977 9841279035
  • Siddhi Gopal Dangol
    Entrepreneur & Social Worker
    Dangol Books & Stationery Center
    Cell: +977 9841350277
  • Chandra Shyam Dangol
    Entrepreneur & Social Worker
    Khokana Stone Carving
    Cell: +977 9851118412
  • Swatantra Kumar Maharjan
    Entrepreneur & Actor
    SS printing Service & Nepa Bhasa Sankipa
    Cell: +977 9851083957
  • Dash Ram Dangol
    Entrepreneur & Social Worker
    G & D printing Center
    Cell: +977 9841526120

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